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The Art of Sacred Sensuality

Breathwork | Movement | Sisterhood

Breath Of Bliss Ceremony

A ceremony of heart expansion, movement and an hour long laying down conscious connected breathwork journey. 

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Color Your Mantra: A Female Empowerment, Educational & Expressive Arts Book

Color 29 Beautiful Images of Goddess, Chakras, & Power Symbols While Reciting A Mantra To Awaken Your Intuition. There Are Brief Descriptions Of Each Illustration To Help You Anchor In This Wisdom Paired With A Freewriting  "Space Of Infinite Possibilities" For Thoughts, Ideas, & Feelings. 

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Empowered Women Are The Key To Heaven on Earth.

Teach a Woman How Powerful Their Body Is & They'll Never Ask Permission To Be Themselves Again


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Find what supports you on your path of embodied empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Body Confidence

Create Safety & Trust

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Self-Love & Acceptance




Tune Into Divine Feminine Wisdom

Lead From Alignment & The Heart

Awaken Your Creativity, Imagination & Play



Remember Your Divine Nature

Breathe Life Into The Vision Of Your Life

Connect With Your Higher Purpose

Live Into Your Destiny


"Aimee has helped me with self confidence, self acceptance, empowered voice, worthiness, abundance & clarity as she's guided me inward in self exploration to operate from the heart."

Sharmila Siew
Self Mastery Coach & Energy Healer

"The Breath is a resounding board for body mind soul connection...and activating its conscious awareness brings life to the body and soul. My experience was nothing short of a planned miracle of release and I am infinitely grateful to Aimee for facilitating the possibility of healing and life. I would do it again and again. "

Kathleen Kraft
Massage Therapist

Breath Of Bliss Ceremony









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